This Portable Power Station is the perfect car camping companion

Jackery Portable Power Station | $300 | Amazon

Jackery Portable Power Station | $300 | Amazon

To this day, one of my favorite pieces of gear I've ever had the opportunity to review is the Anker PowerHouse. It's a ridiculously large battery packed inside a gorgeous and compact aluminum housing, and it can charge just about anything. It stays in my truck a lot of the time, I take it on video shoots and I don't go camping without it.

Since I reviewed the PowerHouse, a lot has changed. Many other brands have come out with massive solar generators, both cheap and expensive.

One of the newest on the market is from Jackery. Like the PowerHouse, it provides 110V AC, 12V DC and USB ports, though it only features two USB ports. It has a capacity of 240Wh and can be charged via 12V DC, 110V AC or solar.

The Jackery Portable Power Station retails for $299, and for an additional $199, you can throw in the 50W solar panel.