Stay caffeinated with this Stanley Vacuum Coffee System for 50% off

Stanley Vacuum Coffee System 17oz. | $25 | REI

Stanley Vacuum Coffee System 17oz. | $25 | REI

There are few things more enjoyable than waking up to a brisk morning in the woods and going through the almost ritualistic process of brewing hot coffee. And there's no shortage of ways to brew coffee in the woods. One of the most classic ways is with a French press, and one of the most cleverly designed French presses for the outdoors is from none other than Stanley.

The Stanley Vacuum Coffee System is on clearance at REI right now for 50% off its usual price. It's just $24.93 until gone.

Don't confuse the name of this coffee maker with a vacuum maker, though. The term vacuum just refers to the actual double-layered bottle. The coffee maker itself is a French press. Fill the pot with water and heat it over a backpacking stove. Once boiling, add coffee grounds, steep and press the filter down.

What I love about this coffee maker is that everything nests together perfectly -- everything from the pot and press to the vacuum bottle and spare cups. It's a really clever design and a killer price, so get it while it lasts!