Titanium Everyday Carry with Timascus Accents - Benjamin Pingleton

I would say the Bird of Pry takes most of the beating everyday, after all, that's what it's for. I just picked up the Dango Wallet fairly recently so I'm still testing that out. It's a little bulkier than I'm used to.

The Dalibor was, and still is, my ultimate grail knife and I fall more in love with it every day. It's just a tank of an integral. It has 3V steel so I'm not afraid to use it all of the time. The handle contour/finish doesn't show wear and it has just a touch of class with the Damascus pivot and ZircuTi clip. I installed the black Timascus clip on my TiBolt to match when I carry the Dalibor.

My light hasn't changed in almost a year because I still think that I've truly found the perfect light for me. I just love the look of the worn titanium and I'm still amazed at the 3500 lumen output.