ZeroHour APEX BOLT: The write anywhere bolt-action pen that's also a screwdriver

ZeroHour APEX BOLT | $59 and up | Kickstarter

ZeroHour APEX BOLT | $59 and up | Kickstarter

If you've been looking to up your EDC game with a fancy new pen, the ZeroHour APEX BOLT might be the pen you've been waiting for. As the name suggests, it's a bolt-action pen. And like most other tactical pens, it features a ceramic glass breaker on the butt of the pen. But there's more to it than that.

The APEX BOLT also has an easily removable pocket clip, an optional flat cap add-on (if you don't need or want a glass breaker, or prefer the svelte finish of a flat cap), and a hidden 1/4" bit driver.

One of APEX BOLT's best features, however, is that it accepts Fisher Space Pen refill cartridges, so it will literally write anywhere -- under water, upside down, in space, etc.

The APEX BOLT will come in three different finishes: matte black aluminum, sandblasted titanium, and polished titanium.

ZeroHour is seeking funding through a KIckstarter campaign, but it's already tripled its $10,000 goal, so the campaign is all but a done deal. You can grab an APEX BOLT of your own in black aluminum for $59 (when the early bird deal runs out, the price goes up to $64) or titanium for $84 ($89 after the early bird is full). Units are expected to ship in September.