Everyday Carry Inspiration: Tumbled Titanium Carry


It's safe to say titanium is a coveted material in the everyday carry community. There is speculation as to whether it's the best material for the job. For one, it isn't cheap. But it's half the weight of stainless steel and, man, it looks and feels great. So I threw together this all-titanium carry for some inspiration for your own EDC.

I actually own the Titanium Pocket Tool from Big Idea Design and have been daily carrying it for a few weeks now. It's easily near the top of my EDC gadgets list. 

Anyway, here is the Tumbled Titanium Carry.

  • Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Tool - $69
  • Big Idea Design Ti Arto Pen - $85
  • Hell-Bent Titanium Money Clip - $30
  • Griffin Pocket Tool Titanium - $45
  • James Brand the Chapter Titanium + Damascus - $350

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