The Rexford RUT V3 Titanium is back again in an exclusive with Gallantry

Rexford RUT V3 Titanium | $165

Rexford RUT V3 Titanium | $165

High-end knives are nice, weighty and reliable. But you have to maintain them to keep them in peak operating condition. I'm the world's worst about keeping a sharp edge on a blade, which is why I've started to lean towards carrying a slim utility knife.

The grandaddy of EDC utility knives is the Rexford RUT. Todd Rexford is now on to version 3.0 of the popular (and pricey) utility knife, and he's done several custom version of it for different online stores like the Seigaiha Pattern for Urban EDC Supply and Topo for Triple Aught Design. This time Rexford is back with a collaborative effort with Gallantry, featuring a laser-engraved mountain range and heat colored all-titanium (6AL4V) frame. It also packs an all-black blade (plus a spare), which looks really svelte.

Aside from appearances, this tool is no different from other RUT models. It features the same #2 flathead screwdriver, pry bar, bottle and can opener, and a 1/4" bit driver. Best of all, it only weighs 0.8 ounces.

You can pick up the Rexford RUT V3 Titanium from Gallantry for $165 with free shipping in the US until it's sold out (which tends to happen pretty quickly for Rexford gear).