The Opinel No. 8 looks better than ever in Black Oak

Opinel No. 8 Black Oak | $45

Opinel No. 8 Black Oak | $45

Opinel, which has been around since 1890, has one of the most recognizable products in the knife world, the No. 8. It's a simple, timeless design, even down to its rotating locking ring.

Over the years, Opinel has added several configurations and sizes to its lineup, including beech, oak, walnut, and other types of wood handles in sizes that range from the 1.4-inch (3.5-centimeter) No. 2 blade to the massive 8.7-inch (22-centimeter) No. 13 blade.

Still the crowd favorite, the most recent addition to the lineup falls within the No. 8 camp and is the Studio Black Stainless Steel with Oak Handle. It's made of an anti-corrosive Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. The oak handle comes from French forests and has a high tannin content to ward off insects and fungi.

You can grab the Opinel No. 8 in Black Oak on Amazon now.