The CLiP System by Lever Gear is the compact EDC storage solution of your dreams

Lever Gear CLiP System | $38-54 | Kickstarter

Lever Gear CLiP System | $38-54 | Kickstarter

We all have tiny knickknacks that we want or need to tote but don't want to lose -- SD cards, that awful Apple Pencil adapter, medicine, etc. Free-floating this sort of thing in your pocket is asking for it to be lost.

The Lever Gear CLiP System is the answer. It's a compact and rugged storage solution for organizing the tiny items in your daily carry. It can hold items like hex bits, cash, pills, breath mints, first aid items, floss, breath mints and much more.

The CLiP system also doubles as a tool with its dual-magnetic 1/4" bit drivers. It comes in two flavors: BitVault and BitLight. The BitLight has a USB rechargeable LED flashlight built-in with three different brightness modes. The innards of the flashlight do take up some storage space, however. So if you want more space for knickknacks, you'll want to opt for the BitVault, which is just for storage.

The CLiP System is made of a metal-alloy and also comes with a removable belt clip and a carabiner on one end. So you can carry it in your pocket, clip it inside a bag or attach it to your keys.

Currently, the CLiP System is fully funded on Kickstarter with 15 days left to go. So if you want to grab one before it jumps to its full retail price, you might want to back the campaign. The BitVault can be had for $38 during the campaign and the BitLight will set you back $54. Their pricing will go up $10 and $14, respectively, after the campaign. They're expected to ship November 2018.

I personally backed the project and plan to stow emergency items in it, such as matches, a ferro rod, tinder, etc.