The Kobalt Bit Bar clone is now just $8 at Lowe's

Kobalt 10-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set | $8 | Lowe's Home Improvement

Kobalt 10-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set | $8 | Lowe's Home Improvement

The Big Idea Design Bit Bar is one of the coolest EDC gadgets to come about in recent years. It offers a compact storage solution for up to 8 bits with a built-in 1/4" bit driver in the end. It comes in either titanium or a nylon finish and has a pocket clip. But there's no denying it's expensive. The cheaper nylon version is a whopping $75 while titanium will set you back a cool $120.

If you're looking for something similar and much more affordable, look no further than Kobalt's 10-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set. It's a little bulkier than the Bit Bar but its build is very similar -- a rectangular bar with a springloaded and magnetized bit holder. However, on this one, instead of nesting the 1/4" bit driver into the end, it has an articulating bit driver and extension that you can use at any angle. And this one only holds six bits, not eight. And the pocket clip can be flipped 180 degrees and mounted on the opposite end if you want.

Despite these few differences, it's a very similar tool. So how did Kobalt get away with making such a similar tool? Simple. They licensed the design from Big Idea Design and made a few changes, like cheaper build materials and the articulating arm.

The best part is that the Kobalt 10-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set originally sold for a fraction of the price of the cheapest Bit Bar. At $19.98, it was nearly one-fourth the price. But Lowe's has slashed the price to just $7.98.

At $20, it was a killer tool. At just $8, it's a steal. I couldn't help myself and I bought four -- one for my pocket, the truck, camera bag and a spare to keep in the travel trailer.