Never get stuck in the dark with this collapsible hand crank lantern for 30% off

SUAOKI Camping Lantern | $12 | Amazon

SUAOKI Camping Lantern | $12 | Amazon

Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, throw different amounts of light and charge in different ways. One of the more popular styles you see these days are inflatable solar lights, like the LuminAID PackLite or MPOWERED Luci. But those only charge themselves during the day. If you forget to set it out or spend part of your hike under a canopy of trees?

That's where a hand crank lantern like the SUAOKI Camping Lantern is useful. You can charge it via USB power when you need to, but if you happen to run out of power while using it, you can just crank the handle for a while and you'll have more light. This lantern can also charge your other USB devices in a pinch.

Best of all, this lantern collapses down for storage, but also to function as a flashlight. When expanded, it works as a lantern with two brightness levels. When collapsed, it throws a beam from the top like a flashlight.

Currently, the orange version of the SUAOKI Camping Lantern is on sale for $11.74 and usually sells for around $17.00. The green lantern is still full price.