Boil water in under 3 minutes with this discounted backpacking stove

Primus ETA Express Stove | $90 | REI Outlet

Primus ETA Express Stove | $90 | REI Outlet

Isobutane stoves come in all shapes and sizes. Some are utilitarian, only screwing into the canister and providing a platform on which to cook. Others come with a pot, wind guard and built-in igniter.

The Primus ETA Express Stove is one of the latter stoves, and it's currently on sale at REI Outlet. Normally it retails for $129.00, but you can get it for just $89.73 right now -- 30 percent off.

The Primus ETA comes with a 1 liter pot, magnetic windscreen, a plastic bowl, and a colander. It can boil water in an impressive 2 minutes 40 seconds (though your mileage may vary). And when you're done cooking, everything nests neatly inside the cooking pot, including a 100-gram gas cartridge (not included).

If you've been putting off getting an all-in-one backpacking stove, this is no MSR Windburner or Jetboil, but it'll do the trick.