This wearable device will drive mosquitos crazy

Guarden Bandito | $30-$500 | Indiegogo

Guarden Bandito | $30-$500 | Indiegogo

Few things can suck the fun out of an outdoor adventure quite like a swarm of mosquitoes. No amount of scratching makes the itch go away. (Speaking of, here are nine remedies for the bite itch I wrote about last year.)

So your best defense is usually repellent. Bug spray is awful and temporary. Citronella-based products are hit or miss and have mostly fallen victim to shoddy marketing. And wearables often seem ineffective.

Guarden, a company that specializes in home and garden pest control, aims to fix that with the Bandito. Its defenses are two-fold: it pairs a concoction of repelling powers of citronella, peppermint, and lemongrass with sonic sound.

The Bandito can be worn as a clip-on or a wrist accessory and the refills consist of one replacement battery enough scent strips to last you through an entire season (three months). The battery will last approximately 500 hours, but you can switch off the device when it's not in use or when you're indoors to preserve it. 

Currently, the Bandito is fully funded on Indiegogo with 22 days left. During the campaign, a single Bandito will set you back $24 while refills cost $8. Full retail value for the same items will be $35 and $10, respectively. You can also get a four-pack with eight refills for $99 (normally $180).