This Suunto smartwatch will last through your week-long backpacking trip

Suunto 9 | $599 | Available June 26

Suunto 9 | $599 | Available June 26

Even today, smartwatches are a polarizing product. They pack a ton of features — arguably too many — into a compact package that’s convenient to use. It’s like the heads-up display for your personal area network that we’ve always dreamed of. But so much capability in such a small form factor has always left smartwatches with a huge, gaping flaw: battery life.

That’s where the Suunto 9 swoops in. It’s got all the features you’d expect — fitness tracking, GPS, a heart rate sensor, barometer, weather, phone notifications, water resistance, etc. But it can also last for up to 14 days (in a basic time mode) on a single charge, depending on which mode you have enabled.

With GPS tracking enabled, the “intelligent battery” can last between 25 and 120 hours. Just switch between Performance, Endurance or Ultra modes. The watch will give you an estimate of how much battery is remaining and you can adjust it by switching modes. It also tracks your history and learns your activities. Based on that, it will preemptively suggest switching to another mode to preserve battery life.

The Suunto 9 will set you back $599, comes in either Baro Black or Baro White and will work with Android or iOS devices. It integrates with the Strava, TrainingPeaks, MapMyFitness, and other apps. Pre-orders are open now and it ships June 26.