The popular Stanley Camp Cook Set is just $9 today

Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set | $9 | Amazon

Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set | $9 | Amazon

Cooking gear of backpacking can get expensive fast. And all the different materials have trade-offs. Aluminum is cheap and lightweight, but not nearly as durable as titanium, which can easily cost three or four times as much, Stainless steel is the sweet spot in the middle that a lot of people land on.

One of the best bargains out there the Stanley 24 Ounce Camp Cook Set. It comes with two nesting cups and a vented lid, and today it's just $9.19. It usually sells for about $15 online and $20 in store.

It's not just Amazon that the cook set is on sale either. You can get it for $9.19 at Walmart and Target, as well.


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