EverRatchet is an EDC pry bar with a built-in ratchet driver

Pocketable prybars are a dime a dozen these days. There are literally hundreds available on Amazon claiming to pack in more tools than all the others. But there's only one with a ratchet mechanism -- the EverRatchet.

The way it works is pretty damn clever. The housing is made for a 1/4" bit and has a "dynamic ratchet beam" that only lets it rotate one way. So to tighten, you use the prybar one way. To loosen, flip it and it will ratchet the opposite direction.

In addition to a ratcheting 1/4" driver, the EverRatchet boasts a fire flint, seven different wrench sizes, a prybar, bottle opener, wire stripper and more. And it comes with one DeWalt 1/4" Phillips bit.


The EverRatchet is currently on Indiegogo, starting in a stainless steel version for just $16 plus shipping. The titanium model (which I pledged for) will set you back $21 plus shipping during the campaign. Also included if you back the campaign is a custom-size fire flint that you can store in the tool in the place of the Phillips bit.